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Marriage 1Cor 7:
October 28, 2008, 11:57 pm
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Marriage entitlement 1Cor 7:1-14

What about marriage, should we remain married?
1Cor 7: 1-7 Summarizing from the scriptures they say It is good for a man not to marry. But since there was so much immorality the scriptures say we can have a spouse. We are to share our bodies with each other and not to deprive each other. Satan will temp us because we have such low self-control. The scripture is not telling us to do so but that we can if we feel compelled to do an immoral act.
What about singlehood, should we remain single?
1Cor 7: 8-9 I’m summarizing scriptures again, Yes, you should stay single even widows but if you cant control your self than marry, we are so weak. Think about all the time you would have for the lord. No other commitment than with the Lord. Being single has its advantages as the lord repeats, “as I am”. I can relate to being single I had so much time on my hands when I was single, I would just pick up the Bible and read when ever, especially when I was laid off. I love being married to having someone to share it all with now.
This was to the married, 1Cor 7: 10-11 we must remain married if we separate we   must reconcile back to our spouse only.
What about being married to a non-believer? 1Cor 7: 12-14 We are sanctified by our other spouse and our children are also. You are not to divorce them because they are not believers. If you are married to a non-believer the believer sanctifies you. So it is good to remain being married. Not being married we could totally concentrate and focus on worshiping God. When we are married we have certain obligations that take away from spending time and concentrating on his word. Kids too come into play look how much time we are spending on spouse and kids, now where are we, what time do we have left for total concentration on his word. He knows how weak we are and he allowed us to be married for we would not sin, He loves us and only wants a relationship with each one of us. So it is good to be married, it is good to be single; it is good to be married to a believer.
Single to have self-control
Married must reconcile
Unmarried to stay widow
Marriage to Non-believer sanctified by believer

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