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Who would Jesus vote for?
February 27, 2008, 2:38 am
Filed under: Politics & Religion

I feel the three most important issues God would look at in this election are: Abortion, Same sex partners, Teacher-led prayer in public schools.
God says not to take innocent life many times throughout the Bible God only wants what’s good for us, the taking of innocent blood “life” is a sin.

Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17 “Thou shalt not kill”
Deu 19:10  “And innocent blood shall not be shed in the midst of your land, which Jehovah your God is giving to you as an inheritance, and there be blood on you.”

On the issue of same sex partners God speaks on how he opposes sodomete “homosexual activities”. Look at what took place with Sodom and Gomorra. God rained brimstone down on that filthy sodomite city. This is only one of many scripture examples:

1Co 6:9 “Or do you not know that unjust ones will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be led astray, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexuals.”

The other issue I feel God would be looking into is the Teacher-led prayer in public schools. God tells us to discipline our children and raise them according to scriptures. But with two working parents that is difficult to do, think of the help these teachers could be on just one prayer a day. Just think about the moral standards we live in today the back talk and disrespect. They could be teaching our children about Gods everlasting life, hope and guidance in one prayer.

ALT- Col 4:2  “Be continuing earnestly in prayer; be staying alert in it with thanksgiving”


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